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Ohana Private Investigations & Consulting, LLC

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 is a licensed and bonded Private Investigation Agency specializing in all phases of Investigative Services. Our investigators have 54 years of Law Enforcement experience between them and are committed in applying their knowledge and experience to assist them in their investigations.  Our hi-tech surveillance and undercover operation capabilities in domestic, civil, criminal, insurance fraud and business matters sets us apart from your typical Investigative Company.

Our focus is to provide our clients with the best possible service, quick responsiveness and results. We pride ourselves with providing these services in the most professional and discrete manner possible.We review each case thoroughly to fully understand our client’s needs and objectives.  Our clients are always kept well informed of the progress and latest developments of the investigation and are conducted in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We will diligently seek to obtain the information needed legally and discreetly without compromising the investigation. We assure that our clients will receive nothing but professional investigative services which are supported by integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

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Licensed and Bonded in Arizona LIC# 1660435

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