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Licensed and Bonded in Arizona LIC# 1660435

OHANA Private Investigations and Consulting in Yuma, is an agency that can provide the most innovative and comprehensive investigative services in accordance with federal, state and local laws.  To provide the investigative  services requested by clients , our investigators will perform at the highest standards of integrity, honesty and confidentiality.  Their training and background experiences leads to their investigative abilities in the following: enforcing federal and state laws, investigating cases, conducting internal investigations, gathering intelligence , probationary enforcement, conducting interviews, initiating surveillance, surveillance system, conducting searches and collecting evidence. We are private investigator license to do business in the state of Arizona. We conduct surveillance in Yuma and surrounding area.

We strive to provide our clients with accurate observations, facts, and records to allow them to make informative decisions.  We will maintain confidentiality to the extent required and permitted by Arizona and federal law.

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